NaturaFill JUVÉDERM® and Dermal Fillers in NYC

Benefits of Facial Fillers Like JUVÉDERM®, Restylane® and Sculptra® for NYC Patients in Manhattan, Westchester, and Long Beach

New York plastic surgeon Dr. Kaveh Alizadeh administers JUVÉDERM® and other dermal fillers for NYC-area residents who wish to revitalize their appearance without surgery. Once a treatment requested by only a select few, injectable dermal fillers have become so common that they are often asked for by product name at Cosmoplastic Surgery in Westchester, Manhattan, and Long Island:

  • Restylane® Silk
  • Sculptra® Aesthetic
  • Radiesse Plus®
  • Radiesse® Hands
  • Restylane Lyft®

Although each year the variety of products and indications for use increase, all dermal fillers share these common, immediately visible benefits: replenished volume, diminished deep lines and wrinkles, smoothed creases, and a rejuvenated, refreshed facial aesthetic.

Why Choose Dr. Alizadeh for Facial Fillers and Injections?

Numerous medical practices and medi-spas offer JUVÉDERM® and dermal fillers, but board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Alizadeh is one of a select few who administers all injections himself and guarantees a pain-free injection for patients who choose sedation. In fact, Dr. Alizadeh has such extensive training and experience injecting dermal fillers that he has perfected his own specialized technique, called the NaturaFill Injectable Dermal Filler treatment, to optimize outcomes.

The NaturaFill Injectable Dermal Filler approach virtually eliminates any discomfort through use of anesthetic creams or nerve blocks, minimizes post-treatment bruising through the use of supplements and on-site calming strategies, and guarantees natural-looking final results. His goal is safe, subtle aesthetic enhancement, so he will take every precaution to ensure that you can still make your normal facial expressions following treatment with JUVÉDERM® or other dermal fillers.

Complementary Treatments and Procedures

For patients who would like longer-lasting results, Dr. Alizadeh may recommend NaturaGlow Fat Transfer or a facial cosmetic surgery procedure such as NaturaLine Neck Lift, NaturaLook Eyelid Surgery, or a NaturaBrow Brow Lift. During your consultation, you will be able to describe and identify your areas of dissatisfaction and, together with Dr. Alizadeh, create a treatment plan and timeline that address your needs, fit within your budget, and help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

Why wait? Schedule your consultation today for JUVÉDERM® or other dermal fillers at one of our three office locations: Long Island, Manhattan, and Westchester, New York. Request your appointment online, or phone 212.348.0100 (Manhattan) / 516.439.5010 (Long Island) / 914.723.4900 (Westchester).