How Fat Grafting Creates Natural-Looking Results

The season for beach visits, outdoor sports, and barbecues is at hand, which means most of us are striving to look our physical best. While summertime efforts tend to focus on losing weight and slimming down, Dr. Kaveh Alizadeh reminds his patients that a little fat can make a big difference when it comes to creating beautiful curves and contours. As an experienced plastic surgeon, he routinely uses fat grafting in the NYC area to optimize the appearance of faces, breasts, and bodies by judiciously adding volume where it is most needed.

When applied by an experienced hand, fat can actually make the face or body appear slimmer in all the right places. Enhancing one area creates ideal proportions that complement the lack of volume somewhere else.

The three-step fat grafting process, which is also referred to as autologous fat transfer, is the same regardless of where the fat cells are intended to be injected. Dr. Alizadeh’s NaturaGlow™ technique utilizes a proprietary technique to non-invasively harvest and process the fat from unwanted areas and use the “Robin Hood” principle to enhance the areas most in need, such as lips, breasts, or buttocks.

These fat cells are processed to remove any impurities. These adipocyte-derived regenerative cells stay viable once returned to the body and can actually enhance scars.

Once the purified fat is injected into the desired area, it is ideal for adding volume to discrete areas, such as the lips, which need only a very small amount to appear fuller and rounder. It can also be used to give small breasts a very modest boost or refine the results of breast augmentation with implants to enhance the natural look, especially if women want their textured implants removed because of concern over BIA-ALCL or capsular contracture. Larger volumes of fat cells can be used to create rounder, firmer buttocks.

Your body will recognize the injected fat as being made up of its own cells, welcoming the material and connecting it back into local blood supplies and other vital systems. The living fat is thus not an allergy risk, and the results can last for years. Considering that, it is important for all patients to commit to a lifelong sensible diet and regular exercise. Not only is this good for the heart, but it also best preserves the results of fat grafting—and any body, breast, or face contouring procedure.

For more information on fat grafting techniques for breast augmentation and facial rejuvenation at Alizadeh Cosmoplastic Surgery, send a message via our online contact form or call 212.348.0100 (Manhattan and Westchester) or 516.439.5010 (Long Island).


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