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Our Commitment to Patient-Centered Care

At Alizadeh Cosmoplastic Surgery, our work is our life. Dr. Alizadeh places attention not just on results, but on the entire patient. Throughout your journey, our office is here to ensure every aspect of your treatment and your life will cultivate the optimum outcome. At Cosmoplastic Surgery, we are devoted to getting to know our patients and care for them as part of our extended family. We listen to what you have to say.  After your procedures, we stay connected and in touch, and we may even make house calls to ensure that you recover in an optimal healing environment.

We are small but determined to believe, above all, in one thing, something that's unique to us: that the power of human interaction will never be replaced.

Whether we provide health care for the poor and needy in Africa or the well-to-do in Manhattan, we believe the fundamental service we provide is to bring a smile back for those who deserve it most: our patients!

Our Mission is to:





We believe in these 7 core values:

1. We trust each other: We believe that only through collaboration can we achieve best-in-class service in a warm and trusted environment. Our patients will have the most memorable experience, knowing that we are doing the most to give them the best.

2. We take responsibility: We believe it’s up to each of us to establish a harmonious environment for our team of colleagues, patients, vendors, hospitals.

3. We are honest: We believe that hype does not last. As such, we embody results-oriented care and science-based outcomes.

4. We are committed to innovation: We believe the world of healthcare is rapidly changing. In order to be responsible to our patients, we routinely adopt the latest advancements.

5. We tell it like it is: We believe honest discussions and direct feedback are essential to making the right decisions.

6. We are open and inclusive: We believe in the power of different perspectives… and daring to explore new ways.

7. We speak from the head and the heart: We believe that passion and personality set our workplace apart and are not afraid to share that.

Our practice philosophy

We strive each and every day, 
To improve the world around us,
To improve the world beyond us,
To Renew,
To Restore,
And to Uplift,
The Face,
The Body,
And above all….
The Human Spirit

Dr. Alizadeh in front of NYC skyline.
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