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Loose face and neck skin are impossible to hide with makeup or clothing. Lax, hanging skin, jowls, and sagging, aging neck skin are some of the most distressing and noticeable signs of aging. Thankfully, modern aesthetic technology has brought new, effective ways to tighten loose skin – without the need for surgery.

Loose facial skin

If you see your facial skin beginning to sag, with jowls developing, and your jawline losing its youthful definition due, you have new options for treatment. Extreme cases of loose skin may require surgery, but in many cases, a non-surgical skin tightening treatment is all that is needed to restore a fresh, youthful look.

Non-surgical skin tightening

Imagine the skin on your face and neck becoming taut and refined, without the need for a surgical procedure. With our array of skin rejuvenation treatments, loose skin can be corrected. The procedure you need, or a combination of procedures, can be discussed after evaluating the degree of loose skin on your face and neck.

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Skin tightening treatments: The world’s best.

At Cosmoplastic Surgery in Long Island, we deliver skin tightening treatments that deliver real-world results. If you have loose skin on your face and neck, imagine the difference in your look if the area was restored, and appeared taut and firm? It can be life-changing.

Loose Skin Treatments

Can loose skin be tightened? How does it work?

Keeping your skin firm and supple requires a comprehensive approach to skincare. The steps to follow, for the best results, include:

Step One:

An effective skincare regimen.

Caring for your skin throughout your life with professional skincare products will help keep it soft, healthy, supple, and glowing. What you do now makes a difference in your skin quality throughout life’s journey.

Step two:

Anti-aging treatments

Loose skin can be tightened with advanced aesthetic treatments. We offer several different skin tightening procedures, which may be used singly or in combination. The secret to success lies in our ability to tighten loose collagen fibers, while stimulating higher levels of natural collagen growth.

Step three:

Maintaining your look

You want to maintain the results of your skin tightening treatments for as long as possible. We will provide you with insight about which products and services will keep your skin looking fresh and youthful for the long term.

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