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Read What Dr. Alizadeh’s Long Island, Westchester & Manhattan Patients Have to Say

My experience with Dr. Alizadeh has been life changing! I have wanted a breast reduction for years but always afraid to go through with it. Now I do not know why I waited so long! I used to have constant neck issues and back issues. Since the surgery—not one issue. It’s an amazing, freeing feeling. Not to mention I am now able to wear clothing I never thought possible! It has built my confidence and overall made me feel so much better emotionally and physically. And I cannot say enough about Dr. A and his staff! So understanding and kind as well as extremely professional! No doubt, one of the best decisions I have ever made!

Patient Testimonial ~ Anonymous

The Alizadeh team of practitioners, in particular Alejandra Herman, have miraculously restored my aging skin with sun spots, acne scars, and pores to brighter and more evenly textured canvas. The treatment plans are very thorough and cost effective while integrating the applications of the latest laser technology, along with a practical but individualized skin care regime. I can’t wait to continue my skin restoration journey with Alejandra and the rest of the fabulous team.

Patient Testimonial from Greenwich, CT ~ Anonymous

Dr. Alizadeh is a top notch plastic surgeon I would highly recommend Dr. Alizadeh as a plastic surgeon. He and his entire staff are welcoming, knowledgeable, and excellent communicators. I had various consultations with other NY surgeons for breast lift, but I was most impressed by Dr. Alizadeh. Additionally he came highly recommended by my family’s doctor. From the first visit, all the staff and Dr. Alizadeh listened to what I hoped for and addressed my concerns. They guided me through the entire process and were very easy to talk to. The surgery itself was very smooth. The anesthesiologist was a sweetheart who put me at ease. I am 4 days post breast lift surgery and I am extremely satisfied with the results already! The recovery has been better than expected. Overall, Dr. Alizadeh is an amazing doctor and I am so happy I found him to perform my surgery!


Dr. Alizadeh is a true artist, person and caring doctor. The staff are amazing always asking if you want anything to drink when you arrive . There has never been an office and team that is so professional and caring making sure everything is answered and you are comfortable before and after. His work exceptional, but he's genuine, honest and warm. He listens and truly cares about understanding his patients. About my recovery : The beginning 1-2 weeks you will question yourself and cry a bit of why you have done it but it worth it and you will be thankful and happy . You need to trust process . No words to describe that Alizadeh . He did an amazing job with my scar very neat. I would highly recommend this doc to anyone 

- M.M

Like many women after having kids, I wanted to get my breasts back to what they were. I was worried about finding the right doctor who understood my vision, going under anesthesia and how the recovery would be. Dr. Alizadeh is so talented and a master at his craft. I left the surgical facility with 1/10 pain and it never went above that! My recovery was virtually painless and the scar is seamless. I couldn’t be happier with my results. I recommend Dr. Alizadeh to anyone searching for a knowledgeable and approachable doctor.

- Anonymous Patient

My experience with Dr. Alizadeh and his entire staff was a great one. From the time I entered the doorway up until my second post-op visit was nothing short of an awesome experience. I was made to feel welcomed and never felt rushed or uncomfortable during my consultation visits. Personally I am a very shy individual but he took the lead and made it easier for me. I am very happy with the results of my procedure which is what I've always wanted, thanks to Dr. Alizadeh.

- D.J.

I had a silicone lip injection done many years ago…before filler was popular. Years later my right side of my mouth started dropping and made my smile extremely uneven. Dr Alizadeh removed it without a problem. I had very minimal pain and normal swelling and so far everything looks great and I feel back to normal. He listens and went over everything and answered all my questions during my consultation and made me feel very comfortable. His staff is great and very accommodating, I highly recommend him!

- K.R.

The best!! All the staff are so welcoming and sweet, they make you feel right at home. Dr. Alizadeh has been my plastic surgeon since 2015, he's truly gifted. I sought him out for a tummy tuck and breast reduction with a lift. He did an amazing job and I feel whole again thanks to Dr. Alizadeh!! He's also done fantastic liposuction on my arms, tummy, thighs, and lower back at varying times. He is an expert at taking that fat, cleaning it and using it as filler for my cheekbones and lips which looks so natural and takes years off my face. I'm 55 and people generally guess I'm 40. I had the neck procedure, my Elavate to repair a poorly done job by another Dr, and I count be happier because now it looks how I expected!! Dr. Alizadeh is now the only plastic surgeon I'd ever allow to do a procedure on me. He's so wonderful. I've also referred my sister and sister- in- law and they were also extremely happy with the procedures they had!! I not only would recommend Dr. Alizadeh, I think it would be a grave mistake using any other Dr. I'm a patient for life and so grateful I found him and his entire team.

- E.L.

I was very satisfied with the result of my surgery. Dr. Alizadeh is an expert surgeon with a highly professional and qualified staff that makes the process of surgery much more comfortable and the patient more confident and at ease, even in a very difficult and complicated situation.

- A.M.

Dr. Alizadeh is the best surgeon I have ever dealt with. He always answers me immediately, even on weekends and when he is on vacation. He's a very compassionate doctor. I am so grateful to have him in my life.

- L.S.

I wanted to tell you that you have forever changed my life in such a fabulous way! I have never felt so good in my own skin before, and you have helped transform my outside to match my inside, and I love you for it!! Thank you, Dr. Alizadeh! I always refer you because you are 100% the best there is!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

- L.T.

Perfection is the word! Very thorough explains everything and listens to patient’s needs. Great personality and staff and last but not least beautiful office space.

- V.D.

What an amazing experience I had with Dr Alizadeh. From the moment I entered I was greeted with an extremely attentive front office staff. They offered me water or coffee and took my nerves away!! Dr Alizadeh, was extremely knowledgeable and addressed all of my questions and concerns. He made me feel very comfortable. My results are amazing and so happy to have found him.

- Anonymous on Vitals

Was so impressed with Dr Alizadeh and his staff . They were extremely professional with going through the process, questions and concerns were answered, and made me feel that I was in the best possible place to have my procedure done, I’m looking forward to this procedure. Thank you Dr Alizadeh and staff.

- G.W.

My experience with Dr. Alizadeh and his team was nothing short of fantastic. After doing extensive research for wanting a breast reduction and choosing the most professional, established doctor and his team I was confident that Dr. Alizadeh of Cosmoplastic Surgery was the perfect fit for me! What was the first indication you ask. Well, it was the first phone call. The vibe you get one someone on the other end is smiling without seeing their face. The office staff was professional, attentive and had AMAZING follow up. When coming into the office I was greeted and already felt like family. I came in with a notebook of questions, concerns and fear. Every question was answered, concerns addressed, and I left knowing that Dr. Alizadeh could give me what I had wanted for 18 years but was too afraid to have it done. Dr. Alizadeh is beyond talented in his field, his personable disposition combined with his artistry of the human body has helped me look amazing and get my confidence back. After surgery follow-up was equally stellar; as I was checked on by Dr. Alizadeh and his team. If I had a question they even called after work hours. This is what sets his team apart from ALL others. Dr. Alizadeh and his team care, they are kind and very professional. Thank you so much Dr. Alizadeh and Team you are wonderful and I am so happy with my breast reduction. I am pain-free and I feel amazing. I can even wear cute tops because of your surgical techniques. I am extremely happy with my results 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

- R.R.

So many amazing things to say! Whether you are greeted by a patient care coordinator, patient care navigator, nurse manager or any other professional in the practice including Dr Alizadeh, it is always with a welcome smile. Many years being a patient with the practice having different procedures from Dr Alizadeh, the results always are amazing never disappointing. Listening to the thoughts and concerns that you have during the consultation, Dr Alizadeh’s has the gift to make it your reality. Find out for yourself schedule an appointment for a consultation it will be one of the best things you have done for yourself in a long time, you deserve it! Looking forward reading the review from your amazing experience.

- F.D.

The doctor and his entire staff were uniquely personable and genuinely friendly and invested and concerned about their patient’s well-being, even when helping me, another doctor’s patient, during my travels. I cannot recommend them more highly as both great people and great practitioners.

- B.P.

My experience with Dr. Alizadeh and his entire staff was a great one. From the time I entered the doorway up until my second post-op visit was nothing short of an awesome experience. I was made to feel welcome and never felt rushed or uncomfortable during my consultation visits. Personally I am a very shy individual, and found it a little jarring in telling the Doctor what I hope to accomplish with this procedure but he took the lead made it easier for me. I am four weeks post op with the Naturabra procedure. I was expecting to have a lot of pain and nausea post procedure but none of this happened. My incisions are minimum with not much scarring which is a pleasant surprise. I am very happy with the results of my procedure which is what I've always wanted, thanks to Dr. Alizadeh.

- D.J.

I cannot sing high enough praises for Dr. Alizadeh and his entire staff. From the moment you walk in to his office you’re greeted with smiling faces, warm welcomes and professionalism. Everyone I interacted with from Debbie to Anika to Krissa and everyone in between were a pleasure, happy and very supportive. I went for a consultation for a breast augmentation with a breast lift, after having 3 children. Dr. Alizadeh was so kind and understanding of what I wanted and of my concerns. When making such an investment into yourself, you want to make sure you find someone who is going to truly listen to what you want and someone who will be honest with how to achieve only the best. Dr. Alizadeh is just that. He explained the procedure and everything entailed from start to finish. He explained what would work best and what we needed to do to achieve the best results possible. The day of surgery, you feel like you’re checking into a spa! The environment is so calm and serene. Everyone is so cheerful. I wasn’t nervous at all. As for his work, well, it’s nothing short of IMPECCABLE. I say this confidently because 2 weeks after surgery, when I had my dressings removed, I was absolutely thrilled with the results. I have to be honest, I was expecting greatness, but my results are beyond my expectations. My jaw literally dropped. I am SO happy and excited with how my breasts look. The scarring (my main concern) is unbelievably minimal, the placement, the size, everything is perfection and exactly what I wanted, and it’s only going to keep looking better as everything settles. Dr. Alizadeh’s Natura Bra technique is incredible. He is a true artist with the body. My breasts look better than when I was in my early 20s.

- E.A.

Dr. Alizadeh has been taking care of my daughter since she was an infant. She was born with a growth on the side of her head which he flawlessly removed from her while she was under 1 years old. When she was 16 he fixed the bump in her nose perfectly. When she was 19 years of age he fixed the deformity that she was born with in one of her breasts. Dr. Alizadeh has hands of gold. His professionalism and abilities are way, way above par. He is a perfectionist and a Doctor who is true to his word. His office staff are amazing. Their compassion, caring and follow through is over the top. There is no other doctor that has his wonderful temperament and unbelievable bedside manner. He is a great human being donating his medical talents and his time to humanitarian causes. He readily comes to the phone and will calmly and consistently answer all of your questions and lay your fears to bed. There is no other doctor that I would have ever trusted to help my daughter through her struggles. She looks perfect and feels even better emotionally as a result of Dr. Alizadeh medical treatments. He utilizes the latest treatment and is very conservative and health minded in his approach.

If you need plastic surgery to correct a condition then do not hesitate to go see Dr. Alizadeh. There is no finer plastic surgeon anywhere.

- V.M.

I saw Dr Alizadeh for sculpture, he is amazing… I highly recommend this practice. I have been with them 22 years.

- B.S.

I had the best experience with Dr. Alizadeh and his staff. He is so brilliant and skilled and I felt confident and comfortable going into an invasive surgery with him. I am absolutely thrilled with the results! They are honestly better than I imagined.

His staff is AMAZING. His office manager, Debbie, adds such a personal touch that I’ve never experienced before - I always felt like I was important, not just another dollar sign. She and Dr. Alizadeh worked with me so much and I am super grateful… Everyone I came in touch with at the office was absolutely lovely and always made me feel comfortable.

I love Dr. Alizadeh and will absolutely use him again in the future!

- J.W.

From the second I walked into Dr. Alizadeh’s office I was immediately greeted by the friendliest and best staff. My appointment was so easy, and I never waited in the waiting room. The entire staff was so welcoming and made me feel so comfortable . Dr. Alizadeh is very personable, he's very knowledgeable and I felt safe knowing that I was in good hands.. I can't say enough about his practice and the people who work there. Krissa, his assistant, was very caring as well . The manager Debbie came to check up on me after and walked me out . I will definitely be back !

- M.T.

Dr. A has hands of gold!!! Couldn’t be happier!!!

- Y.A.

I love my doctor! Dr. Alizadeh has done my implants and the removal of them after 15 years and has done an amazing job. he accommodates me in any way he can and goes above and beyond with his work ethic and skills. can’t thank him enough.

- G.B.

I can’t say enough about Dr. Alizadeh and his staff. It was top notch from start to finish. I would highly recommend them for any procedure you may be looking to have done.

- T.H.

Dr. Alizadeh is a true artist. His entire office staff including Michelle, Samantha and Ale are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Elena Ocher and Katia are super sweet, kind and very professional. They made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. I wouldn’t trust any other surgeon.

- M.NY.

My experience with Dr. Alizadeh and Anika is always the best. Allie is knowledgeable in skin creams and makes my visit very comfortable. I truly recommend this office in all cosmetics aspects.

- S.F.

Loved my facial! I have sensitive skin but Ale was very gentle and I was able to tolerate my customized treatment. So relaxing. Ale really takes her time and puts so much care into the facial. The results were fabulous! My skin looks so bright. Highly recommend.

- H.E.

Dr Alizadeh did an amazing job.. he heard me when we did our initial consultation, and my results are exactly what I wanted. I would recommend Dr Alizadeh HIGHLY

- D.S.

From my very first visit I had a good feeling coming to the practice. I got to know how sweet and understanding all the staff were as they guided me through the process. After meeting Dr. Alizadeh, I knew he was the doctor for me. He sat and listened to me and my expectations and made me comfortable and gained my complete confidence through the surgery. Thank you to you and your staff for making this Tummy Tuck process smooth and stress free/p>

- S.A.

I want to take the time to thank Dr. Alizadeh for providing the highest quality of care, the greatest level of skill, kindness and warm demeanor. Your wonderful staff makes everything easy, simple and hassle-free. I cannot thank them enough for their care through my entire experience at their office. I am beyond pleased with my results. You all have my highest recommendation!

- M.E.

I want to express my appreciation and deep gratitude for the holistic care you’ve given me over the many years – Body and Soul. You did it with compassion, humility, excellence and artistry. You truly have hands that are a gift from GOD. Merry Christman to you, your family and staff.

- A.A.

To Dr Alizadeh and amazing staff. Thank you for your genuine and deep care and outstanding service that made me feel like family.

With warmest gratitude,

- S.T.

I want to thank you, but words alone hardly seem enough. When I came to Dr Alizadeh, I was horribly scared & disfigured. I also had enormous external scars.I Immediately saw the results of your extraordinary skills and my internal scars disappeared as the external one’s began to miraculously fade. I can now look in the mirror with proud satisfaction and a broad smile, all because of your skill, judgment and compassion. It is impossible for me to fully express the extent of my gratitude. I could not say the words in person because my tears would not let me complete the expression of my thoughts. So my tears have hidden behind these written words.

With my sincerest gratitude I remain,

- K.D.

I must commend Dr Alizadeh and his extraordinary staff. They are always delightful and professional. They make me feel special every time I am there. Thank you for everything.

- M.C.

My experience with Dr. Alizadeh has been such a pleasure. During the initial consultation I knew immediately he was the doctor I would be using for my surgery. He is an amazing surgeon and extremely skilled in his craft. His office staff is wonderful also. Dara have assisted me through the whole process. Anytime I had a question/s I was able to contact someone for support, even on a Sunday night! My whole experience from beginning to end has been perfect! I highly recommend Dr. Alizadeh.

- N.V.L

Dr Alizadeh is an attentive, honest and extremely skilled plastic surgeon. He listened to what I was looking for and created an aesthetically perfect result. He’s kind, patient and really cares about his patients. I couldn’t be happier with my outcome and strongly recommend him to anyone looking for a natural result in plastic surgery.

- A.D.

Dr. Kaveh Alizadeh is a man of the highest quality in both personal character and professionalism. His office environment is welcoming and immaculate. I first met Dr. Alizadeh in 2010. I had lost a great deal of weight, and needed to have extra skin removed that was causing rashes, and great discomfort. The insurance company said that their medical staff considered the surgery to be cosmetic, and that I would not be covered. Dr. Alizadeh, along with his thoughtful and amazing staff would not give up on my case. The circumstances with which I was facing were emotionally and physically difficult. Although his practice was busy and thriving, my husband and I were treated as though I was the only patient that Dr. Alizadeh had. He, along with his staff moved the mountains of naysayers out of the way, and my surgery was done with great success. A doctor that was attending made a comment to me on a follow up visit. He said that he watched Dr. Alizadeh do the operation, and that he was like a sculpture. My rashes are gone, and I feel better as a woman since that surgery. Dr. Alizadeh has a wonderful gift for listening and validating his patients, and their families. He helped my husband feel a part of the process. With my permission, he included him in any discussion concerning diagnosis and procedure concerning my case. Dr. Alizadeh’s staff members follow his lead, and truly make you feel at home. Whether it is an office visit, or a phone call, you know that they care. You know that you are important. Dr. Alizadeh has made what could have been a frightening and confusing experience to be one of order, calm, and care, which has resulted in a successful conclusion. With Sincerity and gratitude,

- Lynne

Thanks to Dr. Alizadeh’s depth of knowledge, experience, and unparalleled skill to operate on the most challenging cases, with the most breathtaking results, he has changed my life forever. My journey through this has been deeply personal and I am grateful every day for having found him and brilliant support team and state of the art facilities. I am one month out of having Silicone breast implants removed and a reoperative NaturaBra Mastopexy. He explained in detail what the NaturaBra Mastopexy would involve and realistic about the results given being slight of frame and that it was reoperation. Everyday I wake up I am so happy and blown away with how seamlessly he fix my situation with flawless skill, giving me the most amazing results. More than I could have ever imagined. I came to him under stressful circumstances, which he and his team met with calm understanding, and reassurance that he could fix an operation that I had a year prior that went wrong by another surgeon. I knew that he was not only the right surgeon from the moment I got a call back from Dara in response to my email reaching out for a consultation regarding a re-operation. My choice and confidence that he could help me was only reinforced within moments of my consultation and meeting with him, months of anxiety and humiliation I had around the circumstances that brought me to him and having to have a re-operation melted away. He has cutting a edge skill set, backed by extensive years of experience a constant new research and techniques. He does what is best for you. He takes the time to explain and to guide you to what is right for you. Knowing the circumstances I was coming from he and his team were caring and explained the entire process in detail what to expect. He also reassured me that he would not do something that he didn’t think was possible. I would like to thank everyone who is on his team from Dara, Michael, Caitlin, Julie and the entire Practice for their constant caring and support through this process and continued support through my recovery from surgery. He not only made me feel beautiful on every level, but comfortable and confident in my own body again, only better. It was my choice to not opt to have implants put back in but with his amazing skill set he was able to create the most beautiful results. What he was able to do for me was more than I imagined was possible for anyone to do with only using my natural breast tissue and fixing a previous operation. It is with highest confidence, deep gratitude and great joy with the results of my surgery and the top quality service from his team that I am happy to share my story and to recommend Doctor Alizadeh to anyone who is going to have Cosmetic surgery. Forever thankful

- B. Rose

I would like to thank Dr. Alizadeh in this letter for his EXCELLENT job and dedication. I thank God that he made my dream come true. I am very happy with the results. Everyone in the team was great all the time. Bless you.*

- Miss. Diaz (translated from Spanish to English)


Dr. Alizadeh, words cannot express how grateful I am for your expertise and professionalism. From the minute you walked in to meet me till the last time I saw you in the OR, you made me feel super comfortable in your care. I also wanted to thank Dr. Ocher the anesthesiologist who took the time to call me the day before surgery and spoke to me for about 25 minutes and walked me through the entire procedure. She even took note of my nausea and promised to address the issue intravenously. I have to say this was major surgery for me (breast augmentation).

I honestly felt Tender, Love, and Care from your entire team. I am floored by the immense amount of attention and professionalism that your staff offered me. The chemistry that you have built within the two offices (consult office, and NYC OR office) is amazing. I can’t stop raving about your practice. Thanks again to the Doctors and the staff (the backbone); keep up the good work. THANK YOU Dr. Alizadeh for making me feel comfortable in my own skin. The results were AMAZING! I am all SMILEZ! You have a forever patient in me. I wish you many blessings and continued success. You guys are the BEST!!!*


Dear Dr. Alizadeh,

Thank you so much for helping me feel more beautiful and more confident in my own skin. During my consultation, you confirmed that I had a tuberous breast deformity. The abnormal development of my breasts has plagued me since puberty. Now that I have had my breast augmentation, I feel more feminine and my body looks more proportioned. I am extremely amazed and pleased with my results. You have made a major dream of mine come true.

I also would like to thank Julie for being so friendly, attentive, and helpful. I’m also thankful for the excellent care I received from Dr. Ocher and her surgical team. Forever grateful.*

- SC

Dr. Kaveh Alizadeh (Dr A) performed breast augmentation on me 3 months ago. The minute I met Dr. A I knew he was the one. He was professional and trustworthy and went over the ins and outs of the surgery: what to expect from beginning to end. Dr Alizadeh and his staff seem to approach cosmetic surgery by customizing a plastic surgery that fits the individual goals and expectations of each patient. Dr A is approachable, caring, and extremely smart. It has now been 3 months since my surgery and my feelings and opinions of Dr A get better every day. I am physically and mentally a much happier person—the surgery has changed my life!!!

I look and feel amazing, and Dr A and his staff have continued to care for me with such patience and never-ending support for my well-being and healing. Great bedside manners is an understatement.

I cannot stress how important it is to find the right fit, personality, and style when selecting a surgeon. Dr. A and his staff were absolutely amazing from the start. Dara his assistant made me feel that my needs were top priority. They were so very patient with me and my questions and concerns and always understanding with how I was feeling, both pre and post-surgery.

My surgery went so well – better than expected. Dr A and his staff are among the nicest and most professional people I have encountered at a doctor’s office. You are not treated like a number here. They have all exceeded my expectations. Dr A is an excellent surgeon and thrives on the happiness of his patients. He is a leader in what he does and my experience is proof of that. He changed my life. I would recommend Dr A in the highest regard to my family and friends and to anyone out there reading this review.*

- SP

Dear Dr. Alizadeh,

I had the pleasure of utilizing your services and office for my breast exchange in August 2012. I could not wait to share my amazing experience with your staff and office with you.

I was met by your wonderful pre-surgical nurse when I arrived and was immediately made to feel comfortable and at home. I was taken into the pre-operation room and quickly was able to relax. Soon thereafter, I was prepared for surgery and we met and your assurance that all would be well was more than just lip service. I was very confident that you would make me look as promised. When I awoke, your post surgical staff was amazing and made my recovery very easy to handle.

I left your office that day feeling completely satisfied with everything and everyone I had met the day of my surgery. I should tell you that you were amazing as well. When I arrived home from my surgery, I felt no pain and within a few hours I was able to handle all of my own chores without assistance. The next day I was able to go out to dinner and enjoy my evening without pain or discomfort.

Astoundingly, less than one week post surgery, I was able to enjoy several evenings out, including dancing. I was also able to work out on the fifth day post surgery and one week later, I feel almost back to normal.

I am extremely happy with the result. It is my pleasure to share this wonderful experience with others and I have complete faith in referring you to anyone needing plastic surgery.*

- Sincerely, L.J.

Dear Drs. Ocher and Alizadeh:

I am so thankful for your efforts in treating me for the migraines that have ruled my life for the last seven years. I already see some positive results particularly with regard to the headaches. I would immediately suffer once I started reading my iPhone, tablet, or computer. I seem to be able to read longer prior to the onset of a headache. My early-morning headaches are still a daily problem, although I assume it will just take more time to heal.

The reason for this note is just to emphasize my appreciation for treating me with ultimate kindness, professionalism, and a sincere mission to help alleviate my headaches.

The depth of my feelings for both of you and, of course, your respective staff (Anika, Dara, Evelyn, Oscar, Val, Katia and the receptionists) is difficult to put into words. I am very fortunate in that regard.

If there is anything I can do to help either of you in terms of my experience with the surgery, please do not hesitate to contact me, Again all my best,*

- Bill

At 45 and after nursing two kids, my chest wasn’t what it used to be! I started researching plastic surgeons on the internet and found . . . Dr. Alizadeh’s photo. As particular as I am, I could just tell from his photo and bio that he would be a great surgeon, and I am known for over-researching everything! I looked at the many breast augmentation photos and decided I would have a consult. The staff is professional and friendly, and Dr. Alizadeh was patient and understanding of the look I wanted. I never even went for a second consult. I knew I would be happy and I could trust him with my breast augmentation surgery.

I showed him several photos and explained I wanted fuller, larger breasts, but they must be believable, not fake looking in any way. I was so worried like everyone else about size and placement that I drove myself crazy and asked him a million questions. He was calm, patient, and never rushed me. He reassured me I would look great!

My surgery day came, and I woke up to my new breasts!! I don’t tolerate pain meds well at all, so the anesthesiologist used some anti-nausea meds in my IV. Even Tylenol 3 makes me extremely ill. Even though I figured I would have to take SOMETHING eventually for pain after surgery, I never did. The discomfort the first nite wasn’t so bad (I slept a lot), and the next day I was walking around and feeding my kids. The worst part was the extreme fatigue as my body healed over the next four or five days, but I had planned on resting anyway so it wasn’t so bad. I never so much as took a Tylenol the entire recovery! I was typical in that first I thought they were too big (because of the swelling). Then when the swelling went down, I wished I had gone just a little bit bigger! But my results are perfect and exactly what I asked for in look, size, and placement. I chose to go through the nipple and I healed so well you can’t even see where the incisions were. I couldn’t be happier!

My husband was the biggest skeptic and was afraid they would look fake. Now we sit in bed every nite and laugh about how happy he is because they look so real!! He loves them almost as much as I do! My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner!*

- Sue

Dear Dr. Alizadeh,

I cannot put into words what it has meant to my life and well-being that you were persistent on my behalf. We can now move forward, and my future has hope that I’ve never known before, thanks to your dedication as a doctor in the true sense of the word.*

Dear Dr. Alizadeh,

I don’t think I have enough words to express my gratitude. Thank you for making this the most amazing experience and for making me feel good about myself again.*

Dear Dr. Alizadeh,

Thank you for all that you have done for me! I’m grateful to you for being able to achieve the results I was looking for. What you’ve done for me is truly appreciated, more than words can say.*

- With heartfelt thanks.

Dear Dr. Alizadeh,

For two years, I had considered doing a “Mommy Makeover,” a combined tummy tuck and breast augmentation surgery that I hoped would restore my pre-pregnancy body. Diet and exercise couldn’t help me any longer; my breasts were deflated and my stomach was plagued by excess wrinkled skin from losing and gaining weight during two back-to-back pregnancies. I was frightened by what I heard would be a long recovery fraught with pain, but I was more frightened that I would never be able to wear a bikini with confidence ever again. After months of research and several consultations with other surgeons, I knew upon meeting Dr. Alizadeh that he would be the one I’d entrust my body to.

Now, five weeks after surgery with Dr. Alizadeh, I can happily say that I am thrilled I decided to go for it. The results are phenomenal! I’m not sure my body ever looked this good—even before I had children. My breasts are firm and full, and my stomach is flatter than ever. I am so thankful to Dr. Alizadeh and the excellent care I received from the entire staff.*

- Sincerely, D.P.

Dear Dr. Alizadeh,

After having two babies born exactly a year apart and gaining and losing weight and breast feeding, I was left with… well… let’s just say I looked exactly like my three year old in the bath tub! All I wanted was to feel like a woman and look normal. I made an appointment with Dr. Alizadeh, who had done work on a few customers of mine. My consultation was nothing but informative, professional, and a classy, down-to-earth experience. Dr. Alizadeh and I were on the same page.

I cannot express my happiness and gratitude to Dr. Alizadeh . . . ! My new look is outstanding! I was recently fitted for my first bra, and the young woman who fitted me took a business card for the practice immediately. That’s how great they look! So for all of the women out there who can use my story to their advantage, God Bless and you are in the right hands here . . . and look no further! Follow your dreams, feel confident, and reach for the stars! *

Hi. my name is Staci Tom and I live in Toms River, NJ. I was recommended to see Dr. Alizadeh thru a wonderful Dr. Her name is Dr. Elena Ocher. I met with Dr. Alizadeh in regards to a new surgery for migraine sufferers. I was nervous because this surgery was on my head. When first walking into his beautiful office, I was met by Anna. She was warm and kind. She made me feel comfortable right away. When I was called in, I was met by his nurse, Anika, another kind and beautiful person. When I finally met with Dr. Alizadeh, I couldn’t have been more impressed. He was confident and super intelligent. I had also Googled him and found that he was extremely charitable with his talents by traveling the world and helping those less fortunate. I was hooked. He explained the surgery. What it entailed, what to expect, and what recovery would be. He explained the physiology of the surgery and how it was going to help. After suffering from migraines for some 20+ years, I was on board and ready to go. Dara, who was so kind and helpful, took care of the insurance company, and I had nothing else to do but make an appointment for surgery.

The day of surgery I was nervous. When the Dr. met with me that morning, he was able to calm my nerves and put me at ease. The surgery went well, and he also found some unexpected anomalies. He was able to fix it all and I have to say that today I am 95% better then before the surgery. If you suffer from migraines, you know that is such a huge number! I want to thank everyone who was involved in making my surgery happen and thank you, Dr. Alizadeh, for improving my life more than I could ever imagine. This surgery was the best thing I have ever done aside from marrying my husband and having my children. I know that might sound a little crazy, but being in pain 75% of the month is nothing to joke about and feeling happy and healthy is everything. Love love love to all of you at Dr Alizadeh’s office.*

- S. Toms

Hi Dr. Alizadeh –

I know it has been a very long time since you helped care for my daughter, Anna, at Children’s Memorial, but I wanted to take a minute and send some pictures as I had just recently shared these with Dr. Bauer and thought you might enjoy them as well.

I’m including a couple pics from when Anna went through her tissue expansion at Children’s Memorial—perhaps it will help you recall her case. She was born with Cutis Aplasia, and Tetralogy of Fallot (heart defect). She only had about 50% hair coverage on her scalp when we brought her in to see you. She underwent tissue expansion in 1998 when she was 2 and again in 1999 to fill in areas that had failed the first time around.

She is now 18 years old, recently graduated from high school, and will be heading to DePaul University in Chicago this fall. As I told Dr. Bauer, Anna was very quick to choose DePaul. She fell in love with it as soon as she visited. I told her that we had driven by that campus repeatedly when we visited Children’s Memorial, so it probably felt “familiar” to her. Ha! I know I had sent you some pictures of Anna after her tissue expansion was complete, as you left before she finished all of her procedures, but now that she is 18 and moving to the next phase of her life, I’m feeling a little nostalgic and wanted to send you another update.

She has grown into such a beautiful young woman— even more so on the inside than the out. She is such a genuinely caring, compassionate, and loving girl, and we couldn’t be more proud of the person she’s become. She has been just an unbelievable gift to our family, and in spite of all the hardships we all endured the first 3 years of her life, we wouldn’t change anything about her journey.

She had heart surgery at 7 months and was supposed to have her pulmonary valve replaced every 2 to 5 years until adulthood. Amazingly, she has yet to undergo another heart surgery. She has defied all of the odds, and her cardiologist continues to be in awe of the fact that she has gone so long without surgical intervention. She was tested last summer to see if it was time to replace her valve, and the results were “too good” to qualify. It could still be years before she is in real need. We all feel blessed beyond words.

You certainly came into our lives during some of Anna’s toughest years, so I wanted you to see how good things have turned out for her and to thank you for the wonderful care and compassion you showed us during that stressful time. I know that you have enjoyed great success in your field and have seen various reports/stories that you have been featured in when I have done various searches on plastic surgery. I had no doubt you would go on and do great things!

I hope that you enjoy the pictures and that they are a small reminder of the incredible impact a gifted plastic surgeon can make on the life of a young child.*

All the best!

- Beth Bauch

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