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See What Plastic Surgery in New York Could Do For You

Historically, patients seeking plastic surgery had to choose a surgeon they trusted, explain what they wanted, and wait to see their results. While working with an experienced plastic surgeon improved the chances of a satisfactory result, potential outcomes were basically left to the imagination. This is not the case with Vectra Imaging, available from the New York-based Dr. Kaveh Alizadeh.

Monitor showing a scan from the Vectra Imaging machine.

While open communication and a good rapport with an experienced surgeon are still key to a successful plastic surgery, Vectra Imaging allows patients to literally visualize what their ultimate results could be. Thanks to modern virtual reality technology, patients can see the impact of a specific physical change on their unique appearance through surgical simulation and pre-operative three-dimensional modeling.

Learn more about what Vectra Imaging can do for you. Cosmoplastic Surgery has three office locations in metropolitan New York: Long Island, Manhattan, and Westchester. Request your appointment online, or phone 212.348.0100 (Manhattan and Westchester) / 516.439.5010 (Long Island).

How Does Vectra Imaging Work?

Vectra Imaging creates a 3D model of patients by capturing high-definition images of their face or body from multiple angles.

Starting with the virtual model of a patient's body as it currently looks, Dr. Alizadeh can apply effects that reveal the projected outcomes of a number of procedures or treatments, creating a unique and personalized set of "before and after" images—prior to any actual surgery. The sophisticated technology that drives Vectra Imaging creates a lifelike, real-world portrait that can be viewed from a variety of perspectives. These images can then be used to create real life 3D models that Dr. Alizadeh can use in the operating room for exact planning and execution of the procedure.

Woman standing in front of Vectra 3D Imaging machine.

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How Accurate Is The Virtual Image?

Several factors play into every surgery's ultimate results, including a patient's internal structures, details that play out the day of the surgery itself, and how incisions heal. Because of these realities, no computer-generated image can fully predict the look a surgery will produce. Vectra Imaging should not be taken as a crystal ball, promise, or guarantee.

That said, it can generate a very reasonable likeness, giving each patient a solid idea of, for instance, what more volume in one area could do to overall body proportions. A patient may have one change in mind, but decide after seeing the three-dimensional results that a more dramatic or more subtle alteration would be better.

Specifically, a nasal surgery patient may want a more narrow nose, but find that doing so would put more emphasis on a slight hump. Knowing this in advance, the hump itself can also be addressed during the surgery. Our patients may find that advancing the chin contour will make the nasal profile appear more harmonious with the face.

Dr. Kaveh Alizadeh

What Procedures Is Vectra Used For?

Vectra Imaging is frequently used for breast augmentation patients, who can essentially "try on" a new size and style before committing to a specific implant. Dr. Alizadeh also regularly applies the technology to facelift and rhinoplasty patients.

Beyond Vectra Imaging

Remember that while Vectra Imaging can be a valuable tool, it is just one component of the plastic surgery decision process. Patients are also encouraged to ask questions during their consultation to build their own knowledge and understanding of the chosen procedure. The primary component of any surgery is still the skill and experience of the surgeon, so choosing the right person to perform the procedure is key.

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