Dr. Kaveh Alizadeh's Research & Education

Dr. Kaveh Alizadeh is an innovator and a mentor on the leading edge of medicine. He is a pioneer vs. a settler and believes that you have to be in it and evaluate it before you embrace it. He is inspired by science and driven by knowledge. Through complex research projects and a dynamic educational style, Dr. Alizadeh is part of an academic and clinical movement that is changing the world.

Dr. Alizadeh continues to develop a new paradigm for teaching wherever he goes, most recently introducing new educational systems in the developing world by leveraging technology. Whether he is participating in national trials that test groundbreaking technologies in breast reconstruction, introducing new techniques that lead to long-lasting form for the body, or designing the novel use of injectables for the face, Dr. Alizadeh is changing the conversation about global health and more importantly your individual longevity and health.

Dr. Alizadeh has always been on the cutting edge of medicine, leading clinical studies and training students and doctors in the most innovative new procedures and treatments.

Dr. Alizadeh participates in major national clinical trials that bring together the latest technology and tools to patients in the United States and has pioneered procedures that provide rapid recovery and long-lasting results with minimally invasive techniques for patients.

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Cosmoplastic Surgery