Mommy Makeover

Discover the Benefits of Post-Baby Body and Breast Surgery for NYC: Manhattan, Westchester, Long Island

A woman's body goes through many changes throughout her roughly nine months of pregnancy—as well as in the months and years after the baby arrives. This can be an exciting, new phase, but can also be frustrating for women who worry that their breasts, belly, and more are hopelessly and forever altered. A Mommy Makeover from NYC-based plastic surgeon Dr. Kaveh Alizadeh can help to restore and enhance a woman's contours, focusing on whichever features are important to the patient.

To that end, a Mommy Makeover is remarkably customizable. One woman may want larger breasts and a flatter tummy, while another may want less volume on the chest and a reduction in stubborn fat on the hips. Dr. Alizadeh works closely with each patient to understand her goals and restore (or improve on) the contours and proportions of her pre-pregnancy body.

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What Happens to the Body During Pregnancy?

In preparation for childbirth, women's bodies experience dramatic changes virtually from head to toe. Starting from as early as the first trimester, the breasts begin to grow larger, often by several cup sizes. As abdominal muscles (or "sit-up" muscles) stretch to allow the baby to grow, the may become torn, or separated. This often results in a slight post-pregnancy pooch, widened waistline, and weakened core muscles.

Fat pockets tend to grow larger, leading to bulges in expected and unexpected areas. Women gain around 30 extra pounds during pregnancy on average, and there is a natural tendency for this weight to be stored in the butt, thighs, and hips area. The "mom butt" phenomenon is also common, as women tend to alter their posture to accommodate their new center of gravity, resulting in a "flatter" appearance. Unfortunately, increased volume may stick around long after the baby is born—and even walking and talking.

After breastfeeding, many women's breasts fail to return to their original size. Those that do may appear saggy, "deflated," or droopy because of a loss of skin elasticity. Some women also notice that their breasts have lost their original shape and appear asymmetrical.

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Real Patient-After


*Actual Patient, Individual Results May Vary

Procedures Included in a Mommy Makeover

The term "Mommy Makeover" is generally used to refer to a group of cosmetic surgeries performed at the same time or close together to address unwanted physical effects of pregnancy, birth, and nursing. Each Mommy Makeover is unique, with the types of treatments used and the extent of the work done varying on a case-by-case basis. Many women choose one or more of the following:

Breast Augmentation/Lift

Mommy Makeover patients may choose breast augmentation with implants to restore the shape and size of their breasts. There are a number of considerations, such as the type, shape, size, and texture of the implants chosen, as well as the location of the incision and the placement of the implant.

Alternatively, if a Mommy Makeover patient's main concern is drooping breasts, a breast lift or Dr. Alizadeh's NaturaBra technique involves removing excess skin, tightening other tissues in the breast, and creating an internal bra from existing skin to create a natural perkiness that has been scientifically shown to last more than 10 years.

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NaturaBra™ Mastopexy/Breast Lift - Front View Before NaturaBra™ Mastopexy/Breast Lift - Side View Before


NaturaBra™ Mastopexy/Breast Lift - Front View After NaturaBra™ Mastopexy/Breast Lift - Side View After


NaturaBra Mastopexy/Breast Lift

*Actual Patient, Individual Results May Vary

Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty is used in a Mommy Makeover to create a flatter and leaner abdomen, while at the same time strengthening the walls of the abdominal muscles. Dr. Alizadeh's NaturaTuck technique removes unwanted fat and loose skin, using progressive-tension sutures to minimize recovery.

Buttock Lift

A "butt lift" is included in a Mommy Makeover for patients who want to improve the appearance of flattened or sagging buttocks by augmenting them with their own fat. Dr. Alizadeh uses his NaturaCurve technique to create a rounder look that addresses laxity while providing roundness and projection.


Liposuction, which involves loosening and suctioning out subcutaneous fat deposits with a thin device known as a cannula, is often used on its own, but is frequently combined with other surgeries to optimize the results of a lift or similar contouring procedure. It can be applied all over the face, neck, and body—from the thighs and hips to the chest area, back, and upper arms—as part of a Mommy Makeover.

Other Options

Since pregnancy, childbirth, and nursing impact each woman's body in a unique way, patients can discuss their own ideal Mommy Makeover with Dr. Alizadeh during an initial consultation. The procedure can also include facial contouring, labiaplasty, and non-surgical treatments.

Aftercare and Recovery from a Mommy Makeover

Women should anticipate one to two weeks of recovery time after a Mommy Makeover. Some soreness, bruising, and swelling can be expected. During this time, they're advised to avoid heavy lifting, and to have a family member or friend help them around the house—and with looking after small children and babies.

Why Choose Dr. Kaveh Alizadeh?

As a NYC-based plastic surgeon, Dr. Alizadeh has extensive experience in the numerous surgical procedures that can be included in a Mommy Makeover and has performed hundreds of Mommy Makeovers with long-lasting results, lasting beyond 10 years. His reputation as a physician committed to the latest techniques and technologies as chief of plastic surgery and associate professor of surgery at NY Medical College, as well as his ability to develop customized, effective techniques that minimize risk and recovery, make him a go-to choice for women around New York and beyond.

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