NaturaBrow‚ Brow Lift

Brow Lift Benefits for Long Island, Manhattan, and New York City

A brow lift addresses common signs of age and stress that can manifest themselves in a furrowed, sagging brow or deep forehead creases. In NYC, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kaveh Alizadeh has perfected a minimally invasive, short-scar brow lift, called the NaturaBrow procedure, which requires less than an hour to perform, leads to quick recovery, and helps patients look younger and more alert.

Cosmoplastic Surgery patients who request a brow lift often complain of not only deep horizontal lines and creases, which can make them look angry and overly serious, but also a drooping, heavy brow, which makes their outer eye area and upper eyelids appear hooded and tired. The NaturaBrow procedure, performed via a one-inch incision hidden in the hairline, can address these concerns, smoothing out deep lines and furrows for a more relaxed, refreshed aesthetic.

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Brow or Forehead Lift Benefits for Long Island, NY & Surrounding Area Patients

Dr. Alizadeh has published a paper on management of brow lifts and, as Associate Professor of Surgery at New York Medical College, has developed a technique that leads to rapid recovery while resulting in a natural and smooth brow shape.

Complementary Procedures

Many patients elect to combine the NaturaBrow procedure with a neuromodulator such as BOTOX® Cosmetic to prevent wrinkles and deep creases from reappearing. In addition, laser skin resurfacing can drastically improve the skin's appearance for optimal rejuvenation in the forehead and upper face.

Dr. Alizadeh can also perform corrugator resection to permanently remove the lines in the middle of the forehead, which are usually addressed by BOTOX® Cosmetic. He also performs this procedure in conjunction with migraine surgery for patients with chronic headaches.

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