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Whether it occurs due to age, genetics, or trauma, hair loss can deflate esteem and inflate self-consciousness. Thankfully, Dr. Alizadeh can correct receding hairlines and thinning hair with the NeoGraft automated hair restoration system. NeoGraft is a minimally-invasive, minor surgical procedure requiring little recovery time and producing permanent and natural results. 

NeoGraft is one of the most advanced hair transplant systems available in New York City. It replenishes thinning hair using healthy hair follicles individually harvested from your head. Unlike earlier techniques, NeoGraft leaves no unsightly linear scars, thus helping you restore your more youthful and more fleshed out hair and, in turn, your self-confidence. NeoGraft is suitable and sufficient for both men and women.

What is NeoGraft?

NeoGraft is an FUE means of harvesting individual healthy hair follicles from a chosen donor site on your head. FUE stands for follicular unit extraction—the follicle and hair strand are gathered together, allowing them to repopulate once implanted in the desired area. 

Treatment begins with a local or topical anesthetic to the donor sites to reduce pain and discomfort. When the area is numb, Dr. Alizadeh will use the NeoGraft handpiece to extract the healthy hair follicles one by one from parts of the scalp to substitute where needed. Hundreds to thousands of strands can be pulled in one session if needed.

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Benefits of NeoGraft

  • Very high success rate
  • Minimally invasive
  • Requires no scalpel, no sutures, and no staples.
  • Works for men and women alike, and on hair types that are fine, coarse, straight or curly
  • Patients can return to social and professional activities rapidly, often the next day.
  • Follicles are carefully and individually extracted, not strip harvested.
  • Donor site heals within a week, without scarring or linear incisions.
  • Looks natural—and is natural.
  • Uses your own healthy hair to repopulate areas in need

Progression of before and afters of a man before surgery, right after and on to 17 months.

Will I have scars?

Unlike earlier hair transplant techniques that left permanent and unsightly linear scars, the NeoGraft leaves no such scarring. NeoGraft doesn’t use a scalpel at all, but a fine circular punch extraction device with a radius of 1mm.

Where can I get NeoGraft?

The NeoGraft can be used to improve hair coverage on all parts of the head, including receding hairlines.

What does NeoGraft treat?

NeoGraft treats all forms of baldness, whether caused by genetics, aging, stress, disease, or other related factors.

  • Thinning hair
  • Receding hairlines
  • Male pattern baldness

Am I a candidate for NeoGraft?

Ideal candidates for NeoGraft are those who:

  • Are currently experiencing thinning hair
  • Have sufficient healthy hair in other parts of the head, usually the sides or back
  • Are suffering from male pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia)
  • Have hair loss due to accidents or trauma

How do I prepare for treatment?

Getting ready for NeoGraft is easy. It’s advised that you cease smoking and/or taking blood-thinning medication 1 to 2 weeks before treatment, and if you’re currently doing any at-home hair treatments, you’ll postpone those. If your hair is very light-colored, it may be dyed to make hair follicles visible. At your personal consultation, Dr. Alizadeh will let you know how to prepare exactly, and which of these apply to you.

Cost of NeoGraft

NeoGraft is typically priced per graft, with grafts costing anywhere from $3 to $7. This price will vary depending on where you live and who your hair transplant surgeon is. Patients who need fewer grafts should naturally expect to pay less than patients who need a great deal of them. The entire NeoGraft treatment cycle costs between $8,000-$16,000, but a personalized quote for your specific procedure will be available from Dr. Alizadeh after a personal consultation.

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NeoGraft before and after of a woman's hair.

How many treatments will I need?

The number of NeoGraft treatment sessions you might need will depend on how thin your hair has become over time. Treatments are tailored to your individual needs. For some patients, a single NeoGraft treatment session may be all that’s needed, while for others it may require 2 or 3 treatments.

 What is recovery like after NeoGraft?

As NeoGraft is done under only local anesthesia, and no cuts, incisions or stitches are required, you can return to work the following day. A donor site will have been selected and partly shaved (not bald), from which hair follicles will be extracted. This area of the head may experience redness and slight swelling that can last 4 to 6 days.

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