PRO-NOX™ Pain Management

Take Control of Your Comfort in New York

When it comes to surgery, most patients want to know how it feels. More specifically, they want to know how they will feel during and after their procedure. Historically, the only option has been for surgical patients to put their comfort into the hands of their medical team. This is a safe and effective option—but it is no longer the only one. With PRO-NOX, New York's Dr. Kaveh Alizadeh is introducing an advanced pain-management method to his patients.

PRO-NOX puts pain management directly in the hands of the person undergoing any number of procedures. A popular choice for women in labor, the technology has also proven effective in a range of cosmetic settings, with applications possible for non-surgical treatments and surgical procedures alike.

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How Does PRO-NOX Work?

PRO-NOX delivers a gas to be inhaled by the patient, who holds the delivery end of the device and breathes it in as needed or desired. The gas is a 50/50 mix of nitrous oxide and oxygen. Nitrous oxide works as a sedative in the human body, given its ability to produce pleasurable feelings of relaxation. For this reason, it can both calm anxiety and dull the sensation of medical procedures themselves.

ProNox is available for painless aesthetic treatments in New York, Long Island, and Westchester
ProNox is self-administered.

When inhaled, the 50/50 gas mix begins to work within seconds. The effects will stop shortly after the patient decides to no longer breathe the mixture. Unlike many other anesthetics, the duration of the effects of PRO-NOX can wear off in a matter of minutes. The speed at which PRO-NOX allows patients to regain full use of their faculties speeds recovery, lowers stress during any recovery period, and can even create more opportunities for patients to drive themselves to and from their appointments.

The applicator's mouthpiece is changed out for each patient, making this a hygienic option for anyone seeking to make their procedure or treatment as comfortable as possible.

Because there are no injections, needle-related side effects—such as redness and swelling—are not just minimized, but avoided.

What Can PRO-NOX Be Used For?

A better question is: What can't PRO-NOX be used for? The effects of PRO-NOX are ideal for nonsurgical treatments that can cause discomfort, as well as surgical procedures, such as liposuction. PRO-NOX has been used for breast augmentation, tummy tucks, facelifts, butt lifts, fat transfer, and more.

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More Facts About PRO-NOX

Patients around the world have used the 50/50 oxygen-nitrous oxide mix at the heart of PRO-NOX to manage anxiety and pain for decades. Studies have shown that the pain-management system is non-addictive for patients. PRO-NOX has been used by birth centers, dermatologists, surgery centers, hospitals, and—yes—plastic surgeons.

Discover the difference PRO-NOX can make for you.

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