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Benefits of Inverted Nipple Repair for NYC and Long Island Patients

Inverted nipple repair helps NYC-area patients by correcting anatomical nipple issues that may affect self-esteem or interfere with breastfeeding. At Cosmoplastic Surgery, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kaveh Alizadeh performs inverted nipple repair for NYC patients by utilizing the latest surgical techniques that reposition breast and nipple tissue to face outward instead of inward. This simple approach leaves minimal scarring, preserves the milk ducts, and restores the nipple to project outward in a beautiful, natural-looking position.

Why Choose Cosmoplastic Surgery For Inverted Nipple Repair?

For patients seeking inverted nipple repair in NYC, Cosmoplastic Surgery is among the best options in NYC. While our practice is focused on the outcome of surgery, we are also intent on ensuring every aspect of your life is conducive to your success. Dr. Alizadeh crafted a set of core values, each of which is built into the very fabric of our practice. Such values include being open and inclusive, our commitment to innovation, and speaking from the head and the heart. Please see our Mission Statement for more information.

Dr. Alizadeh’s academic background and surgical experience is second to none. He first earned his MD from Cornell University, followed by a general and plastic surgery residency at University of Chicago, and finally underwent subspecialty training in microsurgery, cosmetic surgery, and breast reconstruction.

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Some of his most notable accomplishments include:

  • Professor of Clinical Surgery at New York Medical College
  • Trained over 100 plastic surgeons 
  • Oral examiner for the American Board of Plastic Surgery.
  • Authored dozens of peer-reviewed articles and presented at over 100 international lectures and presentations
  • Primary clinical trial investigator for the FDA, contributing to advancements in various devices, which are used in both surgical and non-surgical procedures 
  • Globally recognized for teaching his techniques to hundreds of surgeons across 27 countries 
  • Humanitarian efforts through Mission: Restore, providing patients with free healthcare

His comprehensive, consummate knowledge of the aesthetic human being allows him to deliver stunning, natural results. If you are seeking Long Island inverted nipple repair—or another form of cosmetic rejuvenation—you will find yourself under the care of a true professional.

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Reasons For Inverted Nipple Repair For Long Island And Nyc Patients

Instead of projecting outward, an inverted nipple retracts into the breast—a condition that can affect both women and men. While some people are born with inverted nipples, others acquire the condition in other ways. These may include pregnancy, breastfeeding, breast trauma, age-related ptosis (sagging), breast infections, etc. You may also have either congenital absence of a nipple or implant-related asymmetry and deformity, which can cause uneven breasts and nipples and require further intervention.

Dr. Alizadeh, will assess the degree of inversion and asymmetry of your breasts so he can help you decide, based on your needs and aesthetic desires, whether corrective breast surgery is right for you. Schedule a consultation to receive some of the best inverted nipple repair NYC has to offer. 

Depending on your unique circumstances, Dr. Alizadeh may recommend combining corrective breast surgery with other procedures such as NaturaBra™ Breast Lift (mastopexy) or NaturaGlow™ Fat Transfer to achieve optimal outcomes.

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