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Cutting-Edge Science and Tissue Regeneration

The term regenerative medicine broadly refers to medical advances that aid the body in healing or regenerating new tissue. It also refers to laboratory-grown tissues that are transplanted for reconstructive plastic surgery applications. In this field of highly specialized medicine, researchers and clinicians use therapeutic growth factors, stem cells, biocompatible tissue scaffolding, dermal matrices, platelet-rich plasma, or negative-pressure devices to support patients' own healing processes or enable them to generate entirely new tissue.

At Cosmoplastic Surgery, Dr. Kaveh Alizadeh is among a select few NYC-area plastic surgeons positioned at the forefront of this exciting new frontier in cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. In his own early adoption and practice of regenerative medicine, he has witnessed exciting results from these state-of-the-art technologies and has begun perfecting his own techniques for using them. Although regenerative medicine has assisted patients who have experienced trauma, cancer surgery, and congenital abnormalities, Dr. Alizadeh has begun to expand its application into many areas of cosmetic plastic surgery. He believes that regenerative medicine has a tremendous potential to augment traditional therapies and conventional treatment options.

To learn more about regenerative medicine, schedule an appointment with Dr. Alizadeh today. His practice has three NYC-area office locations to serve you: Long Island, Manhattan, and Westchester, New York. Request your appointment online, or phone 212.348.0100 (Manhattan) / 516.439.5010 (Long Island).

Dr. Alizadeh performing an injection on a patient.

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New Frontier in Reconstructive Plastic Surgery in Long Island

Dr. Alizadeh uses advanced technologies and techniques of regenerative medicine to help patients repair, regenerate, or replace cells, tissues, or even organs that have been damaged or are diseased. This rapidly growing, ever-changing field delivers excellent outcomes and patient satisfaction in the applications noted below.

Breast Reconstruction

Dr. Alizadeh has obtained promising outcomes from using acellular dermal or peritoneal matrices and tissue-scaffolding materials during flap reconstruction and breast cancer surgery. Dr. Alizadeh has performed research with state-of-the-art materials such as STRATTICE™ Tissue Matrix, ALLODERM SELECT™ Regenerative Tissue Matrix, SERI® Surgical Scaffold, and Meso BioMatrix® Surgical Mesh. These bioengineered materials support transplanted tissues and help regenerate new layers of tissues over breast implants. He has also used the latest research and technology to harvest and process fat for breast reconstruction.

Autologous Fat Grafting

Dr. Alizadeh has extensive experience performing autologous fat grafting, one very successful and promising form of regenerative medicine, which has numerous applications for reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery. His trademarked technique, called the NaturaGlow™ Fat Transfer, combines gentle, non-traumatic fat-harvesting techniques with skilled injection of the processed adipose cells to achieve safe, exceptional results for breast reconstruction, scar revision, facial enhancement, and more.

Severe Trauma and Burn Care

In patients who have experienced severe trauma, lacerations, or burns, Dr. Alizadeh uses tissue-scaffolding materials to help regrow the dermal, or innermost, layer of skin. The body eventually resorbs these bioengineered materials, which support tissues and help prevent infection.

Bone Regrowth

Regenerative medicine can also help bones heal faster, and Dr. Alizadeh uses these advances when repairing facial trauma or congenital defects. He delivers stem cells derived from bone marrow, which are treated with growth factors, to fractured bones to accelerate healing. In certain patients, he also uses calcium-based scaffolds to support and encourage the growth of new bone tissue for reconstructive purposes.

Complicated Wound Repair

Chronic wounds that do not heal—diabetic, venous, or pressure ulcers in particular—are especially worrisome, painful, and costly for patients. Unsuccessful treatment can lead to serious complications, including infection or amputation. That's why plastic surgeons who treat chronic or complicated wounds welcome advances in regenerative medicine related to wound healing. These next-generation technologies include three-dimensional tissue scaffolds that, when prepared with important molecules—fibroblasts, stem cells, growth factors, chemokines, cytokines, and others—aid the healing processes in chronic wounds. Dr. Alizadeh has used many of these products such as EpiFix®, ACell®, Dermagraft®, OrCell®, and Epicel®.

Researchers and clinicians are also experimenting with laboratory-grown tissues, which can be transplanted to the wound site to improve healing. In addition, Dr. Alizadeh uses cutting-edge wound-healing technologies, such as vacuum-assisted closure devices by Acelity™, and negative-pressure devices designed for regenerative medicine, such as PICO by smith&nephew, which represent a major breakthrough in treating chronic or difficult wounds.

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