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We are inspired by beauty in nature, we strive for natural beauty.

Our mission is to restore, inspire, innovate, educate, and communicate.

At Cosmoplastic Surgery, we are devoted to getting to know our patients and care for them as part of our extended family. We listen to what you have to say.

Dr. Kaveh Alizadeh's distinguished practice integrates innovative and established facial and body procedures, as well as non-invasive and injectable rejuvenation treatments. After your procedures, we stay connected and in touch, and we may even make house calls to ensure that you recover in an optimal healing environment.

Photo of reception in Dr. Alizadeh's office.

What We Believe

We are small but determined to believe, above all, in one thing, something that's unique to us: that the power of human interaction will never be replaced. Whether we provide health care for the poor and needy in Africa or the well-to-do in Manhattan, we believe the fundamental service we provide is to bring a smile back for those who deserve it most: our patients!


We strive each and every day to improve the world around us, to improve the world beyond us . . . to renew, to restore, and to uplift the face, the body, and above all . . . the human spirit.

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