UltraShape® vs. Other Fat Reduction Methods

UltraShape: Body Contouring for Rapid Results

With so many fat-loss methods on the market, Dr. Alizadeh can appreciate the difficulty patients experience in selecting the right fat-loss method. One of the primary concerns we see is the time commitment. When

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Lose Fat Fast with UltraShape®

UltraShape: Clinically Proven Body Contouring

Even if you diet and exercise regularly, losing excess fat can seem like a futile task. When stubborn pockets of fat become resistant to your efforts, it’s easy to lose motivation. While liposuction can certainly …

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UltraShape®: #1 Non-Surgical Liposuction Alternative


In addition to providing an online portal into the world of liposuction, LipoAdvisor.com also offers impartial appraisals of other fat removal technologies. By providing the unbiased facts, LipoAdvisor helps consumers better understand their fat-loss …

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